Wine Festival Exhibition

Wine Festival is held during spring and it is a very beautiful time in Orange, filled with blossoms and growth bursting after the winter rains and snow.
Our artists are also bursting with creativity at this time, so our Wine Festival exhibition is not only filled with brand new work but work of unique energy.

This year, from 13 - 22 October 2017 we will be having another themed exhibition, 'Terroir' Landscape Exhibition of Winemaking Country.
See the surrounding country through an artist’s eyes and vote for your favourite in the People’s Choice prize.
Colour City Creatives arts cooperative, Orange Wine Festival exhibition is featuring 2 concurrent shows, ‘Terroir’ landscape exhibition of wine making country and the group Contemporary Art Exhibition.

Blessed with an undulating landscape, richly coloured through the four seasons gives our artists a feast of inspiration unique to Orange. Combined with a modern aesthetic and technique, ’Terroir’ exhibition will give you a glimpse of how our artists connect to the land.
The group Contemporary Art Exhibition, also showing during the Wine Festival bursts with contemporary expression. Painting, printmaking, digital art, sculpture, video art, poetry, textile art and pottery are used by our members to inform our understanding of seeing.

We are open every day during the festival from 10 am - 4 pm and our official exhibition opening is at 6 pm on Saturday 14 October 2017.

Come and feast your eyes on local art and visit our gift shop for something extra to take with you :)

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