Thursday, 19 October 2017

FashTech - the future is upn us!

Spring has been a busy time, but it's astounding what can be achieved with the help of creative friends. Be it getting the Barracks building ready for the Wine Festival and oh my gosh most amazing and wonderful art is hanging on the walls and free woven baskets on plinths and pottery with clay dug out of our landscape! Do you realise how amazing and talented Colour City Cratives are! well.... let me tell you, they are totally amazing and talented!

Tomorrow we've got the last push, as at 6 pm the FashTech exhibition opens at the Orange Regional Gallery, in Gallery 3. Of course there's lots happening tomorrow evening, including the Night Markets but y'all just have to come to the opening of something extremely special.

This exhibition is a collaboration between what used to be dLux media, but in fact driven by an amazing woman dynamo by the name of Tara Morelos, our own Orange dynamo Vince Lovecchio who is the driving force behind many community events of which Orange Youth Arts Festival, we've been most closely involved with. The third partner to FashTech is of course us, CCC. Little old us, self funded, self run and of course multi talented!

Thank you Heather Dunn, Jenny Davidson and Joy Engelman for helping put together the marionettes and a BIG thank you to Judy Kich who has helped Jola curate the exhibition at the ORG in gallery 3. Also Maggie Rosso for volunteering her home to host Tara in a last minute emergency, Jude Keogh for unfailing support in all those important photographic ways and all the rest of youse that are always there to help! thank you! thank you! thank you!

It's been the hardest most exhausting 4 days so far this year, but the opening is nigh and we're quietly happy with what has evolved from so many people's efforts. The quietest and probably the most wonderful contributor was Annie McKinnon, who held the workshops that produced the work from Orange that will be on display. The amazing and beautiful work was done by young Aboriginal girls, still in High School and community members with vision and talent!
Now all of you, you just gotta come to the opening and be very proud of your town!
Let's support local arts and artists :)

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Painterly workshop with Tim Winters

I don't remember why there were only 5 of us but Margot, Isabelle, Judy, Jude and Jola did a Painterly Printing workshop with Tim Winters. Phil came too, to record the wonderful event. We covered mono printing, etching, relief printing and combined the techniques over 2 days, 23-24 September, only just this last weekend.
Some of us spent Saturday night in Stuart Town and were privilidged to have dinner made by the multi talented Lynne.... who knew she was not only a print artist but an installation artist who produced a table of aromatic, delicious mezze? Unfortunately the day was more mentally taxing than I expected and by 10 pm I had to concede defeat and instead of continuing with our far reaching conversation, crawled to bed as my brain and eyes refused to function any more.
Over the weekend, Tim took us on a basic meander and exploration of printing theory and technique that felt more like an adventure and was so fun! But walking a new path takes a lot more effort than you care to admit, especially as it was sprinkled with laughter and delicious food breaks!
I want to do it again!

Monday, 11 September 2017

FashTech project

October Wine Festival is approaching and along with our 2 CCC exhibitions we're also approaching the culmination of the collaboration between The Orange Youth Arts Festival, CCC and DLux Media Arts. That's the grant we got to hold workshops with underpriveledged youth and the Orange community.

.... and the pieces are coming together for the FashTech exhibition at the Orange Regional Gallery.

Today Phil with the help of our friend Greg, cut the prototype marionette which when finalised will show off the creative and digitally programmed garments being created for the FashTech exhibition. The marionette is articulated so we can position her in dynamic poses and she's got a sister in a front aspect. Marionette S still needs fine tuning, but I'm very excited how she's turned out.... so I thought I'd share :)

So here's the first glimpse of our girl.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

cleaning Loco part 2

It was our monthly Farmers Markets Saturday open day and we had some lovely people drop in and see our art. It's such a great thing to see how much people love art.
While Isabelle, Iku and me (Jola) did our roster time, chatting and having a good time, we were joined by Bev who is continuing her moving into her new studio and Joy came to do some work in her studio. So while we're either creating or chasing the sun (you got to be there to know what that means :)  Phil was at the Loco jack-hammering the useless urinal out of existence. After his organs and muscles super vibrated, his clothes cloaked in dust it was time to go home and have a little rest :)

Monday, 4 September 2017

Cleaning the Loco Office

Our fearless leader has started cleaning the Loco Office....
Well.... at least that is where we went yesterday, Sunday and though I helped just a wee bit the pressure washing of the interior main room was truly tackled by el Presidente, the magnificent!
Today he's spending the day writing, hoping for a grant, writing with the help of Tara for some money to fix the Loco, and the Loco sure need fixing..... it needs a lot of fixing.
Hoping to also get some money to light our exhibition spaces at the Barracks.
Nothing if not ambitious and optimistic :)